2016 Mang Inasal National Convention: BILIS! LAKAS! TALAS!

Last February 5, 2016, the halls of PICC were filled with roaring cheers from the chants of the different groups in Mang Inasal – Sugod, Metro North! Todo, North Luzon! Lusob, Metro South! Sulong, South Luzon! Hataw, Visayas! Abante, Mindanao! Ganadong-ganado, Support! The day has finally arrived to raise the green banner of Mang Inasal and celebrate this year’s Mang Inasal National Convention: Bilis, Lakas, Talas. This is the day which everyone has been waiting for – a day to set and announce our goals, to commit our support to new projects and initiatives, to fuel our quest for excellence as we cheer each other on to victory.

Spectacular presentations from the Mang Inasal Dance Community (MIDC) and Central Colleges of the Philippines (CCP) Bobcat Cheer Dancers were witnessed by the crowd. S’ Ato Tanmantiong (Chief Executive Officer) and S’ Pepot Miñana (Group President), together with LT representatives of other SBUs and partners from JFC showed their love and support. Celebrity brand endorsers, Angel Locsin and Nico Antonio, graced the event. The new member of the Mang Inasal family has also been introduced, no other than the Pinoy heartthrob, Coco Martin. All were in high spirits cheering the new battle cry for the year: Bilis, Lakas, Talas ng Mang Inasal – Puso!

It was a day filled with goals, projects and targets lined up for 2016. Each LT member presented their BLT strategic initiatives. S’ JJ Alano presented the mission which we are all set to achieve as one. This fueled the energy of the crowd even more – knowing that all would be possible if we are to work and think as one.

Who We Are, What We Do

Mang Inasal has steadily moved its way to the top. At present, we are the top 5 quick service restaurant (QSR) in the country. Guided by our four pillars, Organizational Strength, Brand Dominance, Sustained Business Growth and Operational Excellence, our vision of becoming the top 2 QSR by 2020 may soon become a reality. In his speech, S’ JJ added three more priorities to focus on which will further strengthen the company’s presence in the market: People/Team Completion and Development, Capacities and Franchising.

Our core values define who we are. Our vision and mission provide the direction. It is important to have an individual aspiration, something that is within you. But more importantly, it is imperative to have a collective aspiration – being proud of who we are and what we do. That whatever our role in Mang Inasal may be, it is marangal.

BLT – Bilis, Lakas Talas – is applicable to all. Bilis refers to speed. Speed of service, of acting, speed of being decisive and being quick with it. It is also speed in acknowledging whether a plan has been a failure or not. It is the speed of getting back up from a mistake. Lakas refers to strength. The strength in surpassing challenges, strength in knowing that things are possible if all would work as one. Talas is sharpness and focus. It is our keenness to details, our sharpness to address customer expectations and our focus on strategies to prioritize.

How We Do It

In the convention, S’ JJ once again emphasized that all of us has a command responsibility. That inside us are our core values and what we do should always start within us. He gave recognition to our franchise partners whose engagement has further increased the past years. S’ JJ highlighted that all of us are all in this together – we solve problems together, we share big and small successes together.

Mang Inasal is not just about work. It is about touching lives through the great tasting food that we serve. Through our service, we are able to bring the joy of eating to everyone. This is what makes us stand out – purpose with a heart.

He further pointed out that our purpose is to serve Him by serving others, Servant Leadership. It is serving others, focusing on one’s work and being a steward of the resources given to us. S’ JJ introduced a new acronym which he would like for us to aspire for: COOK – Courage, Openness, Optimism and Kindness. Mang Inasal is known to have PUSO but we would also need to have a brave heart, an open heart, to see goodness in things and have a kind heart. This is where real power lies. Authentic power is in service. Heart is the business but we must never forget to have soul as well.

Committing Till the End

A workshop to further enhance the speed, strength and sharpness of employees were facilitated by Next Steps with the help of selected internal facilitators from Operations and Support Groups in the afternoon. Employees from different groups all worked together, united as one, to finish the different challenges.

Before the day ended, a commitment ceremony was held. Each member was asked to write down their own commitment – their promised contribution in making the 2016 goals and str ategies of their departments and of Mang Inasal a reality. Afterwards, each LT also prepared their own commitments, announced it to everyone and presented it to S’ JJ in the form a signed flaglet. All these flaglets were hoisted up together with the Mang Inasal flag and the Philippine national flag – symbolizing that Mang Inasal is indeed a national brand and truly Pinoy at heart.

With everything that’s been said and done, we are to expect great things from the great people working for this great company. Armed with a greater bilis, lakas and talas and an even bigger puso for the company, for who we are and what we do, Mang Inasal will be able to reach further heights this 2016.