Mang Inasal supports local droplight makers

What is common among all Mang Inasal outlets?

Apart from the great-tasting Chicken Inasal (Hiligaynon for barbecue), Mang Inasal stores nationwide are also adorned with hand-crafted droplights that make the customers’ dining experience homey and truly Filipino.

Made from lanot, a fiber obtained from a local plant in Iloilo, the droplights are manufactured by Lanot Paper and Lighting International (LPLI), a church-based group with whom Mang Inasal has partnered. This is the enterprise’s way of giving back to the community and sharing Mang Inasal’s business success with the local droplight makers.

LPLI leader Noe Bernardo Langurayan said his group has been truly grateful for Mang Inasal who has continually supported their source of livelihood. “We have been supplying the droplights to all Mang Inasal restaurants ever since the very first outlet opened in December 2003. By helping us sustain our operations, Mang Inasal has enabled us to enhance the quality of lives of our members and assure our children of a brighter future," Langurayan said.

For over 12 years now, Mang Inasal has been a favorite go-to quick-service restaurant for Filipinos who crave for Chicken Inasal, Pork Barbecue, Pinoy Halo-Halo, and Palabok. Its menu continues to evolve as the business endeavors to delight its expanding customer base.